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Proactive Tracking

High School Freshmen and Sophomores

Targeted teamwork

High School 

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Comprehensive consulting plan

Beginning Early Junior Year

Better Late Than Winging it

Rising High School Seniors

Transfer Portal

Current College Students

Proactive Tracking


Four meetings totaling 5-6 hours* (on average), commencing in early underclassmen years.

--Limit of 12 new enrollees per academic year--

  • Review and develop ongoing plan for high school courses

  • Discuss and explore summer activities

  • Discuss and plan extracurricular activities

  • Establish personal timeline for college search and application

  • Enrollment in software program to offer process support for student

  • Insight and updates into what colleges are looking for and current admissions trends

  • Early insight into college financing


>>Choosing this package offers an excellent opportunity to thoughtfully plan both high school years and the coming college search.  As campus visits are critical to identifying which colleges will be a good fit, and require considerable time and logistics, the proactive outlook can be invaluable.<<

Targeted Teamwork


Four meetings totaling 5-6 hours* (on average)

--Limit of 12 new enrollees per academic year--


A smaller bite of the comprehensive plan for students in need of guidance in a specific area of the college search, admissions and financing process.  A targeted plan will be tailored to individual needs.  Examples include:

  • Review of financial plan and instruction on process

  • Major and career direction, including personality testing and assessment

  • Researching colleges and logistics for campus visits

  • Review of college list and advice on adjustments

  • Plan of action for search and application


These may be addressed individually or in combination, based on needs.

Comprehensive Consulting Plan


A series of 14 meetings totaling 18 hours* (on average), along with ongoing support and communication, commencing late sophomore to early junior year (or later).

--Limit of eight new clients for 2020-2021 academic year--


Through a four-phase progression—Assessment, Exploration, Application and Decision—a structured yet tailored process will guide you on a steady track toward identifying and applying for your college destination.

  • Identify and articulate student’s intellectual interests, strengths, talents and college and career goals (includes personality testing and assessment)

  • Evaluate academic record and standardized testing propensity and needs

  • Discuss important factors in choosing a college

  • Determine preferences regarding academic environment, campus location, social environment, extracurricular offerings and budgetary parameters

  • Establish action plan and personalized timeline for school search and application process

  • Hone academic path

  • Develop plan for campus visits

  • Illustrate and explain financial aid process

  • Share initial and refined, curated “right fit” college lists

  • Discuss and plan summer activities

  • Brainstorm and develop essay topics

  • Offer guidance on all aspects of college application process

  • Review and compare financial aid packages

  • Discussion of final choice

  • Drive your golden spike in the ground!


In addition to the above outline, services will include:

  • Enrolling in software program to offer process support for student

  • Offering insight into what colleges are looking for and current admissions trends

  • Instructing on smart and efficient college research techniques

  • A knowledgeable and dedicated focus on financing your college education


An initial 30- to 40-minute Inquiry is designed to introduce you to our comprehensive service and is offered free of charge.

*Each hour of stated meeting time is indicative of an additional 1.5-2 hours of work on behalf of client as well.

Better Late...

Better Late

Rising Seniors

*Limit of six clients per application season


Personalized action plan based on individual needs.  Focus on college list, application process, financial aid and/or campus visits as determined in consultation.

Proactive Talking

Transfer Portal


Current College Students

If your college landing place is not working out for any reason, do not be discouraged-

 you are not alone.  We will tailor a process to your needs.

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